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Inamoto Hyakuten and Amy Onishi (right)
Name: Amy Onishi
Birth: Kyoto (Japan)
Message from Amy:
Hello, My name is ONISHI Amy. (In Japan the family name precedes one's given name or first name and my name is written Eimi in Japan. sound is very similar with Amy)
The Chinese zodiac sign is Pig, and my zodiac sign is Cancer. I lived in Australia many years, still English is hard for me. If you interested in traditional Japanese Reiki, I think I can help you. I hope it will be a significant meeting. Thank you!
Usui Reiki Treatment Method and History
Usui Reiki treatment method is based on a healing system Mikao Usui(1865 - 1926) from Gifu, Japan has mastered while he was on a fast meditation austerity in Kuramayama, Kyoto in 1922.

Mr. Usui did not keep the stunning healing power to himself, and wanted to spread the power widely around the world. One of Mr. Usui’s pupil Chu-jiro Hayashi (1879 - 1940) established a reiki treatment spot in Tokyo after retiring naval officer, and endeavored to spread Reiki healing and treatment.

Originator of Komyo Reiki, Hyakuten Inamoto has initiated Reiki from Chiyoko Yamaguchi who initiated the power from Mr. Hayashi. Komyo Reiki uses the flow of a traditional Reiki, and not the western Reiki style.

On the other hand, Hawayo Takada(1900-1980), who has also initiated Reiki from Mr. Hayashi trained 22 Reiki master in her later years. Those students rapidly spread Reiki treatment all over the world, especially in America. It is still getting abroad more and more nowadays. And then, around 10 years ago Reiki treatment, which has been streamlined to western style, returned back to Japan and is starting to spread again as a Western Reiki.
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